Lacey Gunter does cut paper illustrations and writes whimsical picture books. She came to illustrating and writing picture books in a rather round about way. Growing up, she dabbled a little in art and really did not like writing at all. Fearing she was not creative enough, she reluctantly forwent her desire to study computer animation in college for a more sensible statistics degree. But needing a creative outlet after years of crunching numbers, she decided to try writing a picture book on a whim. She was instantly hooked. Now, after helping students understand the story in numbers by day, she writes and illustrates the stories in her head by night, while the hubby and kids are gone to sleep.

Lacey is a mom of three energetic children and a proud military wife. She lives with her family on the bench of a beautiful mountain in Utah. She also likes to cook, listen to audio books, garden and find challenging new DIY projects.

Lacey can also be found blogging about writing at Mormon Mommy Writers